A different kind of trainer…

The challenge with becoming a better speaker is you actually have to speak. That can feel daunting. To communicate effectively means taking action; taking a big breath and starting to speak.  I offer a different style of communication training; more laughter than lecture, more practice than powerpoint, and more theatre than theory so you see changes in your first session.

Corporate Training

Imagine your workplace if people considered what to say before they spoke. Imagine if leader's messages were received loud and clear. Imagine if teams were confident to speak up and speak out to share their knowledge and expertise. Expect these results when you work with me.

Speaking Engagements

A keynote should make you think, make you laugh, and make you reflect. As a professional speaker, my job is to bring ideas to the conversation that inspire change.

3C's Course

You'll be amazed at the changes that come when you invest in your communication skills. All speaking is public speaking – and what you learn, you'll put into practice immediately, in all aspects of your job and your life.

“The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”
George Bernard Shaw

What to Expect from Ovation training

Expect to feel more confident …after just one session. Expect to shift your perspective on speaking in front of people. Expect to take all your communication skills to the next level.

Loved working with these great companies…

Jan possesses a unique ability to empower and inspire individuals to reach their full potential as communicators. Her insights into crafting impactful messages and delivering them with confidence are unparalleled. Jan creates a supportive and nurturing environment that allows you to push your boundaries and grow as a speaker. Jan's personalized approach to coaching ensures that your unique strengths and weaknesses are addressed, making every session feel tailored to your specific needs. I wholeheartedly recommend Ovation Communication to anyone who is seeking to become a more confident, impactful, and inspiring speaker.

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