Jan Bailey – Expert Corporate Trainer

Be Compelling

Your passion is your power, every leader needs to learn to harness it.
Jan Bailey

In pursuit of Clear, Confident and Compelling

Build strong relationships, confidence, retention and identify high level achievers.

You’re highly skilled, specialized in your field and brimming with ideas to contribute. You have a knack for seeing how things come together and how processes and systems could be improved. You’re the kind of professional who’s instrumental in moving any organization forward.

But no one knows it. You’re afraid to speak up in meetings. You’re afraid to speak out in front of others. You’re afraid to present your ideas to the leadership team. And you’re not alone.

Most professionals want to be better communicators. They want to be clear, confident and compelling, but they don’t know where to start.

My job is to help you present like the leader, boss, or high potential employee you’re meant to be. Clear, confident and compelling communication is a skill, and I’ll help you learn it.

Presentations & Pitches
“Every time you open your mouth you are auditioning for leadership”
James Humes
Presidential Speech Writer

Frequently Asked Questions

Communication is as broad and complex as the people engaged in it.  Here are some common questions.  If you don’t find what you’re looking for – reach out.

How long does the average training take?

I customize programs to fit your needs but on average I see great results after 4- 6 sessions.

Most of our speaking opportunities are in meetings; can you help improve those interactions?

Absolutely. In fact, it's a common request and I can help your team specifically with meeting etiquette and efficiency. Also, once clients take any of my training, they become much better at organizing their thoughts and sharing ideas and that translates immediately to more productive meetings.

Our clients have asked us to be clearer and more interesting in our update presentations; how can your training help?

One of the main challenges people have is giving too much information in language that nobody understands. Learning to simplify your message is harder than you think. But I teach strategies that allow you to immediately improve your connection with your clients, on all levels.

What’s your typical training session like?

Typically we start speaking right away. My training is focused on getting you to talk. Finding out where you need help and then giving you the tools you need to succeed.

How is your training different?

It’s fun, it's interactive. I connect with you on your speaking level and then I level you up. It's rare that we don’t laugh in a session. All of my exercises are bit size and highly relevant for you to use right away. You learn tools today that you will use in your next meeting or presentation.

We have now spent a half dozen or more hours together with me watching as you taught an old dog, yup, that’s me, how to be better. 5 Stars Jan Bailey. I am better because of our investment of time together.
Thanks again for leading an incredible session! It was fun to observe the group.... they were literally hanging on every word you shared. You really know how to make a lasting impact
Managing Director

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