Online Course - D.I.Y.

Jan Bailey – Expert Facilitator

3 C’s of Outstanding Communication

Learn how to teach yourself to be: Clear. Confident. & Compelling


Communications can be taught. With guidance, practice and a few simple techniques this course can help you reach the next level in your communications journey. You’ll connect better with your clients & staff, feel more confident when you step into a meeting and have learned a set of new communications skills that travel with you in every business situation.

This Do It Yourself online course is an affordable way to get you on the right track and help you polish your communications skills with:

  • Videos that give you immediate tips and tricks, you’ll understand and use.
  • Concrete Skills you can use at work – tomorrow.
  • Handouts to anchor your learning and make those new habits stick.
  • Training that is easy to understand and tells relatable stories to anchor learning.
  • A little bit of laughter.

The 3C’s of Communication


The goal of all speaking is to deliver a CLEAR message that audiences can understand and act upon. In 3 short video sessions I will teach you how to craft your message so it's crystal clear everytime you speak.


Communicators at every level not only want to feel CONFIDENT, but be precieved as being confident. I've traind hundreds of people how to find their confidence and keep it. In these 4 engaging videos I'll teach you simple exercises to make you feel and appear more confident than you ever have before.


With so many choices available for your audiences’ attention at any given moment, speakers must employ a variety of techniques to ensure when they deliver their message it’s COMPELLING. In these 4 videos, I'll train you how to connect with your audience and keep the highly engaged. It's easier than you think.

“Courage is one step ahead of fear.”
Coleman Young

Why I love to teach...

It's been a long journey to get me where I'm at today...but its been worth it.

We all have an innate need to connect with people in our personal lives and in business. We have something to say, something to share or something to help people, yet we allow our fear to keep us quiet.

That’s why Ovation began, because I recognize that effective communication is truly the missing link between where you are and where you want to be. My journey with you is to help you find your confidence and trust in yourself so that every time you speak it sounds how you want it to. That’s a journey well worth taking and that’s my commitment to you.

The team loved your training. A lot of gold. Thank you. The team had all great things to say. Their feedback of you was that they loved your honest; tell it like it is; no nonsense approach. The tips and strategies were spot on. Thank you, again.
Executive Coach
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Learn the 3C's For Outstanding Communication

With increasing demands on our personal time, increasing expectations from employers, investors and customers, and increasing competition for potential clients, it’s essential that today’s business person is Clear, Confident and Compelling.

Follow the 3C’s on your own schedule. 

The modules are ideal for busy professionals who recognize value in upskilling their communication abilities but are not consistently available to schedule training one on one. Each module offers:

  • Short, engaging videos to outline concepts
  • Interesting and relatable examples and stories
  • Suggestions for immediate practical work applications
  • Handouts to anchor learning and sustain habits


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