Jan Bailey – Expert Connector

Be Confident

Speaking is about presence and presence is about confidence.
The Missing Link

You’re investing in your growth and so am I.

Becoming a more effective communicator and a more confident speaker changes the way you move through your world. You open yourself to possibilities to grow, to build and to share. You are the more confident version of yourself and that’s something I love being part of.

We all have an innate need to connect with people in our personal lives and in business. We have something to say, something to share or something to help people, yet we allow our fear to keep us quiet.

That’s why Ovation began, because I recognize that effective communication is truly the missing link between where you are and where you want to be. My journey with you is to help you find your confidence and trust in yourself so that every time you speak it sounds how you want it to. That’s a journey well worth taking and that’s my commitment to you. 

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.”
James Humes
Presidential Speech Writer

Here’s How I Can Help 

Corporate Training

Clarify your message. Avoid confusion. Speed up workflow.

Speaking Engagements

Share experiences. Shift perspectives. Inspire change.

3C's Course

All speaking is public speaking. Target your learning.

How I got here…

Jan Bailey, BA, MA Ed

A 25-year career in broadcasting, acting for film and tv and a Masters degree in adult education have put me in front of the camera, hosting TV shows, working on movie sets and facilitating educational events across Canada and around the world. I've honed my skills and developed my style as an engaging, dynamic and in the moment speaker and facilitator.

Yes, I do love being on the stage and my passion is to help you find your love of whatever stage you stand on or want to stand on. Whether in your job, your volunteerism or your family, you have something to share with the world. How about we work together so you feel more confident sharing it?

I think you are a rockstar! You are a one-of-a-kind entrepreneur who is anchored by kindness, curiosity and a commitment to helping others succeed. Through your various workshops, you have made a lasting impact on those who have had the opportunity to interact with you, truly transforming people's lives by turning fears into power, anxiety into confidence and stress into light heartedness
Thank you again for your help. I feel like you were more than a speaking coach – you were like a motivational speaker and therapist! It was an immensely helpful meeting and I’m grateful …

You can talk to me directly.

I’m my own assistant.

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